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Visit to St Petersburg

    • StrohhutRuffy
      На форуме с: 30.06.2007 Сообщения: 229
      Hi everyone,

      first of all, I'm from Germany an I speak absolute no Russian so I hope you don't have a problem with English^^.
      I'm planing to spend 3 weeks in St Petersburg this summer (from 20th September to 10th October) because my girlfriend is going to study there at that time. Now I'd be happy if you could give me some help getting all the stuff organized.

      As far as I understand, I have to get a visa which isn't too hard to get. But my greater concern is that I've read about some kind of registration:

      The traveller must register himself accompanied by his actual host (providing accommodation) within 3 working days at a post office or - in case that is not possible - with the Federal Migration Services department "FMS" (the new name of the erstwhile popular "OVIR"). We wish to point out once again that the "host" can be different from that mentioned in the invitation. What is decisive is the actual place of stay of the traveller!

      Now my problem is that my girlfriend will stay at the dormitory of the university and I most likely won't be permitted to officially stay at her place. This leaves me the following options:
      - either I "forget" to register myself (how strict is russian law in that point?) or
      - I find another place to which i can register myself
      If option A is not possible I'd really appreciate if one of you guys could help me out with the 2nd option (if you are a SnG player (limits up to $33 for regular SnGs, up to $11 for DoNs) I could coach you in return).

      Besides that, during my time in Russia I'm planing to play a lot of Poker again, so if someone from St Petersburg who wants to meet and play a session together I'd be looking forward to that. About myself:
      I'm a 20 year old student from Bonn and I used to play SnGs up to $109 and $55 on Pokerstars and PartyPoker. I started in December 2007 playing SSS for a few months, then switched to SnGs and played them till the end of last year, then I made a break (up until now^^) because my studies took too much time. Now I'm starting again with some lower limit DoN SnGs, at the moment $20.80 on PokerStars. I also made some experiences with BSS nl10 and HU nl50. In my freetime, I like to go on festivals/concerts and listen to music (mostly Punk, Hardcore, Metal like Rise Against, 36 Crazyfists, Anti Flag, Raised Fist, Alexisonfire, Coheed and Cambria,...). I also like to make music myself by playing the guitar.

      If you are interested, you can also contact me directly via ICQ (270142732) or Skype (strohhut.ruffy). I speak English, German and French but sadly no Russian (which made it quite hard to find the right board to post^^ - I just hope I was successful^^)

      Greetings from Bonn,
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    • goodbyelennon
      На форуме с: 08.12.2009 Сообщения: 2.596
      To get visa you must provide an address where you are going to stay. Probably, address must be confirmed: hotel booking confirmation or invitation from somebody in Russia.
      There is no problem with registration in the case you live in Hotel. Otherwise you need to send notification to FMS via any Post Office filling a blank with the resident providing you a registration.
      "Forget" to register is at your own risk. Cops prefer to stop asian and poor looking men (usually "gastarbeiters") to check registration - so the risk is not big.