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PokerTableRatings и покупка рук

    • Vikohtiy
      На форуме с: 02.09.2010 Сообщения: 110
      Заказал руки на PTR. Оплатил. Ссылку на скачивание не предоставили. При обращении в саппорт на е-мейл прислали порядок действий по предоставлению документов, подтверждающих подлинность кредитной карты.

      We appreciate your business at PokerTableRatings.

      We have received your recent order and it is currently on hold to allow our payment department to conduct the necessary payment verification.

      This verification process is part of the anti-fraud procedure used by PokerTableRatings in order to protect its customers from possible fraudulent activities.

      To allow us to process your order, please send the following:

      1. PTR CC Authorization form

      Note: If you use Chrome as your primary browser, the above link may not work. If you are seeing a blank white page, you'll need to use an alternate browser or disable the built-in Adobe Reader. To do so, type "about :plugins" in your URL address bar. From there, look for the section titled "Chrome PDF Viewer" and click the Disable link. Then use the link to download and open the PDF file locally (as all other browsers do).

      2. Front and Back of Credit Card being used.


      1. Please email or fax (800.787.7671) us the information. If you fax, please email us back to let us know that you have sent it so that we can have our billing department confirm.
      2. You can take a digital photo or use a scanner to email us the CC Authorization form and credit card.
      3. (Optional) If you so wish, you can black or blur out the data on the credit card that is not pertinent to our confirmation. The photo of the credit card MUST INCLUDE the last 4 digits of your credit card number, the name of the card holder on the front of the card, and the signature of the card holder on the credit card. The same holds for the Authorization Form: you may exclude everything except the last 4 digits of the credit card if you wish.

      We guarantee all the data you send will be destroyed as soon as the payment has been verified, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If we do not receive any communication from you within 30 days, your authorization hold will be released and order canceled.

      Once you submit this, you will not need to resubmit for future orders. We look forward to hearing from you.


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      Прошло с момента предоставления документов двое суток, но ни ответа от техподдержки, ни ссылок на скачивание не получал.
      Если кто знает, скажиет, пожалуйста, сколько времени проходит с момента оформления заказа до получения ссылки в первый раз?
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