помогите понять, что это?

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      Congratulations Evgeny Shelginskikh,

      You have been randomly selected to receive a $500 e-check to be redeemed in the next 24 hours.

      I am thrilled to bring you this official notice which confirms The Write-a-Check Committee's certification of Evgeny Shelginskikh as a guaranteed eligible candidate. This is not in error. If you submit the winning check in accordance with the official rules of Write-a-Check you are guaranteed a prize award.

      Even now, Evgeny Shelginskikh, you probably thought this could never happen, that you could become A WRITE-A-CHECK WINNER. But it's absolutely true: ALL Prizes won in the WRITE-A-CHECK RANDOM SWEEPSTAKES S3 are 100% GUARANTEED to be redeemable by the confirmed winners.

      Congratulations and be sure to redeem this check before the 24 hours is up, otherwise the next eligible candidate will be contacted.

      Don Jawson & The Write-A-Check Committee

      английского не знаю, что это такое.
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