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"Man is an image, everything experienced is temporary and deceptive, and this universe is a shadow"

    • zekameka
      На форуме с: 19.02.2008 Сообщения: 21.199
      (это предисловие к видео)

      Since so many facts get updated these days, I one day found myself wondering... What is "reality"? Is matter all that is real?

      That might seem like a silly question given how we use our senses to interact with 'reality' everyday, but I have since arrived at ideas which I am comfortable with regarding these questions (although Im still curious). So heres some questions to play with - play nicely :-)

      If I had to point to where my idea or concept of reality is maintained, Id be pointing to my head - how about you?

      Is all this environmental information just vibrational energies which are presented to our body and then decoded to form a perception in the brain according to our programs and patterns? ie: Do we subconsciously 'read' or filter this data then build an experience that seems real?

      Can I get outside of my experience to prove anything is fact or real, or is reality bound to ones experience like the fabric to the shirt?

      What of the realities I have when I dream, - my body still responds as if they are real, so what is reality?
      If I am not the cause (creator) of my experience; the director of my focus of attention on some level whether awake or asleep, am I controlled by something else?
      And if I am completely controlled by something other than me, what then is the purpose of my life?

      I wish you all - many pleasant realities.

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