Moving up - Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $16
  • Полные столы (9-10)
(18 голосов) 12409


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chenny8888 reviews a session where he played $16-SnGs on PokerStars.


Moving up PokerStars Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • pericas1991


    tnx man, nice video.. :)
  • FalstaFF


    I did enjoy :)

    Nice explanations, thanks for the lecture on 'not to tap the tank'.. since I tend to do that once I run quite bad for some time.

    I'd like to discuss the 77 hand at 33:00 again. Banu92 repushed 77 from the smallblind with no foldequity with 7 BB.
    Did you consider in this hand that he was very short and there were still 9 players at the table? In my opininon the Highjack is probably opening with more than the 5% of the stats you have, since he's fairly bigstacked and he probably knows that the shortys behind him will repush with no foldequity.

    That's why I think that with 77 this might be a spot to pick in order to double the stack.
    Am I far off??
  • FalstaFF


    actually he's not that bigstacked which tightens his range again.. looked at the wrong number.. sorry
  • z4tz


    9.20 into the video you fold 88 in SB first in, is this a misstake or am i missing something?
  • emotv


  • Arthibald1


    You are missing something I'm afraid. Chenny888 raises to 3bb and the villain instafolds - presumably he has the check/fold box ticked.

    Love these videos, great help to my game thanks again PS!
  • z4tz


    thanks, i saw this as i watched it now again, was at the end of a waaay to long session and didnt see straight ^^
  • controle


    Mic Volume is a little bit low, nevertheless I'm looking forward to the other parts :)
  • kiromanAAKK


    Nice video; look forward for the second part. A question: around minute 20 there is a mini-raise from button with T9o (50/100). Why mini-raise and not the usual bet 2.5x? Thanks :)
  • Puscherbilbo


    You should correct your labeling of Fish, that are multitabling like for example Heathwood45. Esspecially if you are Tableselecting via your Notes.
    Other than that a lot of interesting thoughts on multitabling and gameselection.
  • Puscherbilbo


    min 24:30 64s is very bottom end of Nash-Range. Since we don´t know if he lost his stack recently, I strongly advise folding here, since there is no need to assume he is extra loose. Quite some players might be tighter than the necessary Nash-Range. I prefer fold also for stackconservation
  • maythany


    At 25:50 top right, can we not call with kqo in the bb against bigstack co raise?
  • chenny8888


    @Puscherbilbo: Yeah without antes it's pretty close, I tend to agree with you these days.

    @maythany: It's slightly better to call than fold, and better to fold than shove I think.