Beating the Lowstakes - Part 1

  • Fixed Limit
  • FL
  • $0.50/$1
  • Короткие столы (5-6)
(23 голосов) 10936


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In his new FL video series Cornholio starts playing at 0,5/1 and the series will end at 5/10. In part 1 he focuses on preflop play: charts, equity and adaptation. Starting with a theoretical part and followed by analysing certain hands.


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  • CBFunk


  • GoreHound


    Awesome Video! Obviously kind of basic, but great explanation style :)
  • DrStas


    LOL nice intro xD
  • bogie


    Great video,good explanation of Approx charts and how to use them.Looking forward to the rest of the series.keep up the good work.
    Nice intro by the way !
  • xomut47


    Im cornolio))))
  • Antoxa1313


    Отличное видео!!! Покерстратеджи порадовало реформой видеосекции и радует появлением классных и очень полезных тематических видео!
  • Waiboy


    Intro rocketh.

    I'd like to finally beat midstakes so I'm VERY much looking forward to this series! Thanks!!!

    BTW I really hope you find some teepee for your bunghole. teehehehee
  • Waiboy


    *lowstakes. Midstakes lol.
  • taavi1337


    Nice one, I like that you focused on one specific topic. Beating the lowstakes would be nice, yes.
  • Schuchtern


    Cornholio - the man!
    Nice vid!
  • notwhatuthink


  • angrymoron


    Отличое видео.
  • scion


    very nice video!!!
  • maniac0507


    thx ;)
  • lalar


    Good video but where do I find the charts that shows where to deviate from standard ORC
  • Keiji


    srsly you should smoke less :)
  • Cornholio


    hehe, i don´t smoke and don´t drink whisky before making a video :)
  • nikki3000


    crucial information, nice vid...
    at some point i got quite puzzled with your pronounciation of the word "opponents"
  • AnthonyTH


    oh great cornholio!!
    thx for the nice vid:)
  • Pramogauk


    Nice vid :) where I can get approx chart?
  • szprotex