Pink Performance - Part 9: HU Special vs. Dengalne

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Хедз-ап (2)
(10 голосов) 11069


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TwiceT & vonki decided to have a special ending to their special series. In the last two parts they will take on a tough challenge and play our coach Dengalne HU.


Multicoach Pink Performance series

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the first special HU episode of Pink Performance!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Gerv


  • Dengalne



    I went in to the match with the gameplan to play more conservative than usually because I thought you would think I would do the opposite. And it worked out great in the start when you stationed me down.
    But I think I should have turned up my aggerssion postflop not only the 3bet in the mid game like I did. But I have noticed that in previous live-videos I make I tend to skip the boarderline decisions when I have to explain all the thought while playing.

    Otherwise I think it was a good and fun match.

    Just one thing, I didnt really agree when you said I was so polarized all the time when I CBET because I checkedback alot. I was checking back alot of garbage aswell and its those hands you never really get to see in showdowns except the 7-5.
  • dOnilson


    Ty for the vid!
    It would be nice to see this HU from Dengalnes view too.
  • IclickButtons


    can u talk a lil bit more about donking strategies in HU matches? i dont like donking at all in a balanced gameplan and think its very bad for you checkingrange to donk madehands and its impossible to balance or at least a pretty hard mindfuck to split our range in c/c,c/r,donk/call,donk/3 bet and be balanced.
  • drachi888


    First 20 Min.:
    87 vs Q2: In my opinion a bad call with second pair and low kicker. Only beating a pure bluff (-EV; only +EV against extremly bluffing villian)

    With the underpairs (88, 22) i prefer a donk bet on the flop (b/f)

    Go broke (T5 with Trips) are ok, but villian don't call with a Kx hand (so slow playing are an option)

    Q8 vs 55: a river bet (with Q high) are better in my opinion (49$ Pot)

    ATs, J9s (oop): don't like that play (medium pots with marginal hands)
  • fusionpk


    @Dengalne: The spot you checked back the TP, was that because you had seen TT overbet the turn previously and wanted to have a hand to call him down with if he did it again?
  • Saren113


    It's in the swedish community ^^ tho it's in Swedish so can be tricky to understand, translate is prob coming up wait and see.
  • yomatiyo


    Why whitout a HUD?
  • yomatiyo


    So u belive the best strategy vs a fishy player is OR 2bb and not 3bb?
  • yomatiyo


    Min 30:00, 94, why not calling his 4b in the flop for shift his equity to the turn? and play for stakes there? is not balaced.. ok, but does it matters in that particular spot? can he exploit that in any way?.
  • yomatiyo


    I did not like dengalde play... he was loosing value in some hands and playing like "I will not bet, cause TT can ch/r me as a bluff and I dont know what to do".

    Really dont like that way of playing in a video...
  • TwiceT


    @ 5: I donk waaay more vs fishy plrs and in PLO.

    vs strong thinking plr it is def tough to balance. but in a 60 mins hu match I dont care much about balance as long he doesnt see sd from my donking range. if he does, i adjust obv.

    if sb checks back a lot, obv we shit a lot of our c/r and c/c range to our donking range.
  • TwiceT


    @ 6:
    - he doesnt rep anything besides Q2, 82, 32 and 22. Q2 at that point i didnt think he would check behind rly often.

    - on the T he can still have a delayed value raise with e.g. Q8. but he doesnt pot Q8 on the R cuz i obv can have QJ etc myself.

    - beginning of any match its imo fine to be a station when in doubt. i get information and in a longer match its essential to be able to adjust before your opponent. ofc here you can say we know the match wont be long, max 45 mins.
  • TwiceT


    @ 6: from what i remember i played aggressively. so on a TTK X X board ofc i get called down by Kx very often cuz im have enough crap in my range.

    the other hands you mentioned, e.g. ATs, J9s (oop): don't like that play (medium pots with marginal hands) - can you tell me the min in the vid pls ? :)
  • TwiceT


    @9: I played on vonkis laptop and for playing one opponent hu its almost my standard not to use a hud. it worked very well for me in the past to only focus on the match and not play the stats but play the dynamics etc.

    as soon as i play 2 plrs i feel like a huds helps me tremendously
  • TwiceT


    @ 10: no, vs rly fishy plr with 100bb imo 3bb is best. vs strong plr i like 2bb open more. gives me more options post on later streets in single raised and 3b pots.
  • TwiceT


    @ 11: very often he shows me QdJd, TdJd, QdTd, Axd.. vs those hands im clearly ahead (from a plo plr point of view at least. nl plrs might say im slightly ahead) i wanna get it in good now. my hand doesnt play well on many T. also, in case he started to c/r thinner for value with KQ or so, i want to get much money in on the F and not let a scare card hit the T
  • drachi888


    thx for Comments TwiceT
  • acceleration123


    Great vid. I have one question.

    What is your reasoning for almost pot betting all your cbets ? Half pot bet should have the same effect and you´d be risking less for winning the pot so why bet full pot even on dry boards ?
  • Sofaking


    hmmm... ja.... im in love!
  • hazelasty


  • TwiceT


    @ 20: didn't i mostly use the 3/4 button in this match?
    well i want to play big pots ip, i mostly dont cbet half but somewhere around 2/3 and 3/4
  • Kana54


    Why make too much hero call versus a solid player ?
    I think you can fold turn with 5To , he never bluff or bet less than you.
    Minreraise is very used to make the opponent level, but have the nuts in fact
  • yoshiwa


    @13:10 why donk turn for protection , and then fold river to bet w/o any expl? seems like a spot to atleast think about blufcatching? Hands like T8/J8/TP would have bet themselves , the betsizing he takes doesnt really rep a 7 , and since there are very little 8x in his range it seems like a very polarised bet , with a very narrow valuerange ?