Это называется GTO, часть 4

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В заключительной части своей серии по GTO Tackleberry рассматривает темы частоты блефа и диапазонов защиты на ривере, а также демонстрирует изложенные концепции на примерах рук.


GTO series Видео по теории перевод Это называется GTO

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  • barbeysize


  • barbeysize


    ой забыл, что платину потерял хаха. а вчера не стал смотреть :(
  • HardAlbert


    I dont find this vod in english, then write question there.

    19:40 opponent have range 47 combinations. 36 combinations better AJ.
    He need call 1-alpha = 0.66 * 36 = 24 combinations. Okey
    BUT! Then why U say he bad called QTs ?? If QTs is in this top 24 combinations of cause

    P.S. Thank you for VOD
  • Vladimir


    #4 Hey, HardAlbert

    You can find the English verson of this vdeo here:

    Besides of that here is the original version in German, which was used for dubbing in RU:

    I'd recommend you to post your question in the comments to one of these both videos. On this way you have much better chances to get it replied by the producer.
  • Tackleberry


    Hello buddy, long time ago :)

    I just tried to recap the ranges shown, but indeed, that looks weird. The shown ranges contain only a handful of KQ and KJ/KT, though I don't remember why I did that. I would expect that if we increase the Kx-hands that QT slides out of call-scope and probably that was what I meant in the video, but somehow the screen does not suppport that.

    Hats off for recognizing that though! :)