Poker in Theory - 101 Equity Principles (2)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $100
  • Короткие столы (5-6)
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This is the second instalment of another series by w34z3l, where he focuses on theory aspects of poker. In this episode our coach presents his equity principles.


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  • do559


    great video, thanks @w34z3l
  • InfernaLMachinE


    great video, thanks @w34z3l
  • morlockz


  • pablo55


    so.. the video is a guy showing hands at the equilator.. wtf
  • zsolt715


    good funny
  • Zolotarsp


    This shouldn't be gold+, this is WAY too valuable info =D
  • 72kingsize


  • Shin1019


    Nice series :)
  • TakingAShot


    Great video, great series thus far. I'm working my way through it quickly here. I love how you encourage and aren't afraid to take unconventional lines. Dogmatic advice that absolutely refused to budge from conventional theory, even in the face of strong evidence to do so, got me in a ton of trouble when I first started playing. It turns out, as I'm gaining more knowledge, I should have been following my intuition more as a lot of things which made perfectly practical sense were considered flawed by current theory (at that time, circa 2013-2014).