Poker in Theory - Bluff to Value Ratios (3)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $100
  • Короткие столы (5-6)
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In this part of the Poker in Theory series, w34z3l explains the bluff to value ratios concept.


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  • 2asesinos


    Very good
  • Davian582


  • Valerazbann


    very Good!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mooharius


    Seems to be very interesting. I guess I have to reach gold status this month to watch the whole video.
  • Shin1019


    Thanks for nice videos!

    I have a question about books related GTO,

    I am reading Expert Heads Up NLH Play, Volume 2, and planning to read Poker's 1%, application of NLH.

    But I think many videos including yours cover those topic and those book published several years ago.

    Do you think it is still necessary to read them to play better poker?

    I would like to spend my time more effectively on learning :)
  • yayadub


  • xXEngPokerXx


    Great video even not watching all of it! The pokerstrategy should at least increase the time released for those who do not have enough level! Well ... there is a tip! See you at the tables!


    Very good video
    i take for example situation BUsteal vs BB (100bb stack) and found some interesting moments
    1..if BU(or other pos)open raise 3.46bb(~potbet preflop) SB fold and BBcall
    FLOP (7.42bb pot) BU potbet BBcall
    TURN(22.26bb pot) BU potbet BBcall
    RIVER(66.78bb pot) BU ~ potbet(66.86bb)all-in BBcall
    total pot 200.5bb (2stack+sb)
    2..if BU open raise 2.5bb he must bet 1.158*pot bet (over bet) on each street (1.068 for 3bbor, 1.273 for 2bb or)
    3.. if we have 14,5bb preflop pot we can bet 0.7pot on each street for all-in(100bb start stack) on the river

    P.S.may not be precisely specified time (I watched this video in Russian), and I'm sorry for my English
  • w34z3l


    @shin1019 - Janda and tiptons books are great, especially Jandas. On the relevance level, tiptons is not fantastic though, and similar things can be said about Janda. The relevance comes if you are already playing very high level poker.

    So it's not that the books are not relevant, it's simply that there are possibly more relevant things to read depending on your level. Either way, would highly recommend janda and tipton.

    It's useful to keep in mind that pokers 1% is not even close to the level of the other mentioned books. It's like reading a basic strategy guide from 5+ years ago. While I respect the author I wouldn't class him as one of poker's 1%, at least not in today's environment.
  • Shin1019



    Thanks for your detailed reply!

    I am not playing high level at all for now.
    I have only played about 2000 games at micro although I am somewhat winning.

    I think I understand the content of the book (I have taken a game theory class back in college), I find it hard to apply to the game due to lack of exp and skill.

    While I think I need to put more volume for faster learning, can you recommend some books relevant to my level other than Juanda's one please? (I am anyway going to watch all the videos here!)

    Books I have read
    - The course, Every hand revealed, Essential poker math, small stakes poker tournament, Daniel's hold'em, wisdom, power holdem strategy, POSTFLOP VOL 1&2, KILL EVERYONE, Harrington's modern tournament, Crushing Low stakes's poker, reading poker tells, ....
  • ursubear


    GOD! there are so many things to be learned here. I definitely need that gold status here.